January 15, 2006

drowning in cardboard

actual content:
so many boxes.

10 days left until we get possession of the new house, 11 until I repaint my room (grey walls/white trim, dark green furniture1 and carpet, leaf-themed fabrics2), and 13 until we move in proper.

I watched my mother talk a salesperson into reducing the price of my mattress/base thingamadoo from $599 + tax + delivery ($722 total) down to $550, all-in. it blew my mind. I guess the Force is strong in her.


  1. I didn't choose it; am going to use my brother's old furniture until we move again, which is apparently planned for two to three years from now. Said date also provides me with a window to get my name off the mortgage3 and move out in, come to think of it...
  2. I'm sure Brie wanted to know.
  3. Having seen enough families torn apart by feuds over property and money, my parents decided that the three of us should have an equal stake in the deed, so that when they pass on, we all automatically have the house. It's utterly sensible, and had the bizarre side effect of me signing off on mortgages about ten years before I'd planned to.

total asides:
  1. the fact that the HTML tag for superscripts is "sup" amuses me a little.
  2. I blame the new penchant for long footnotes on Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, which has long and rambling footnotes that are often more interesting than that particular stage of the story.
  3. I will, at some point, post a list of things I have found while putting things in boxes.
  4. 24 starts tonight. People at Jon's, expect phone calls during breaks.

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Anonymous said...

I got a mattress plus delivery for free

I guess the force is super strong in me?

Princess Gina