January 03, 2006

images are down again, and I can't be bothered to set up a new ripway account; I think it might be time for me to redesign and/or move to another image host.

I have yet to not thoroughly fuck up my resolutions, so here's my list for 2006:

  • get fat, by not going swimming or to the gym.
  • continue to live at home
  • forget that I am, in fact, pretty damn awesome.
  • work >2 jobs over the summer.
  • cling to the AUS/AMS, like a whelk. Or perhaps a limpet.

actual thoughts:
these last few days of break are the only ones that have felt like a break should; packed with familiar faces and new stories, basking in the warm glow of remembered (mis)adventures and trading plans for whatever comes next.

an outline with which to finish this post.

Dec 29: beers with minischool gang
Dec 30: quitting PNE, Samosa Garden, Maggie and Joe's
Dec 31: LDB with Mom, Partysaver, Sarah's
Jan 1: Drunken Aunts
Jan 2: Cities and Knights of Catan

1 comment:

nafeesa said...

I had to google whelk because of this post.

Kudos on making me learn something.