December 07, 2011

so I alluded, aggressively loosely, to something happening that I wouldn't talk about now back in January and then spent eleven months not talking about it.


at a conference that neither of us had any real reason to be at, fueled by ridiculous texts and drunken post-danceoff get-low-offs, I met a guy. weeks of texting later, we got our being-in-the-same-cities act together and had beers, photowalks, first kisses and a proper dinner/concert/drinks date (that ended with much impropriety, in the best way.)

ten months, six cities, three weddings and more fossil fuel than I care to admit to later, we're still together, which is nice. and new. and occasionally terrifying.

today's been one of those days; working retail xmas makes it impossible to get away, and boyfriends family being in either Victoria or Kelowna has left us scratching heads after more than a few "well, what about these days?" conversations, when we look at our proposed orbits (and hope for crossed paths and the chance to let all other concerns lay eclipsed,) and find no place where they might intersect. Until this point, we'd been pretty good about seeing each other every 6-8 weeks, and I can't get away from work until mid/late February (which is convenient for other purposes,) which would put it up to three months (read: too damn long.)

so now I'm listening to songs about falling apart, and wondering what to do. fuck.