January 19, 2011


there's a lot I don't talk about on the internet, at least not in public forums, especially in an age where idle googling is de rigeur, and the acquisition of a place to spew 140-character thoughts is necessary and upkeep/update is equally mandatory; a combination which holds all sorts of potential for downfall, and not even in the expected ways1. Ultimately, I guess people are crazy and distressingly resourceful and anything I'm not comfortable with now (let alone any attempted future self projections) stays under my hat, or locked down elsewhere, or bandied about inside conversations that aren't recorded (to the best of my knowledge.)

anyway: I do enough lying by omission, so I think it's time I had somewhere to exposit, and seeing as there's like five people2 who read this any more, I figure it's a good enough spot.

anyway: onward.

1: witness someone in danger of losing their job over the most tenuous of links to a parody video from one camp of vicious rivals at another— a pair of tracked IPs and a borrowed account lead to a rollover, and there goes the neighbourhood.
2: I'm closing in on 500 people following me on twitter and I don't know why they're there, but I can say with confidence that I've met about half of them.

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