April 27, 2008

did I seriously just put Matt Good lyrics as a post title?
shit, when I did I turn sixteen again.

anyway: May is a break from fiction. School books, Web books, and that's it. No lit, no comics, no pulp or scifi or food writing (not fiction but still.)
it's time to shift from consumer to producer, and while I won't be writing necessarily, it'll still be output.

Three days to go... better get through this last book, and then one more spin through Pattern Recognition. It's like an old t-shirt... and now I have two copies in case of disaster.


April 22, 2008

one foot in front of the other

can't seem to get anything done in the house; tiny panic-fuelled burst of efficacy today has drained into lethargy and feverish RSS feed checking.

c'mon c'mon. I'm better than this.


April 06, 2008

april update:

  1. Take meals to work
    more meals taken, but not at 100%

  2. No more refined flour or sugar
    close but not yet.

  3. Go to gym.

  4. Finish off current distance ed classes, figure out next 9 credits thereafter
    did the second half but not the first.

  5. Put up portfolio site, get business cards made, finish pro bono projects
    getting there but not yet

  6. Move GTFO money into high-interest savings account
    turns out it was already there.

  7. Write (and stick to) budget.

  8. Get forms and receipts for sending off, send off.
    part one, yes. part two, not yet.