August 30, 2005

bullet point living.

I haven't written much lately, mostly because there isn't much to write about - I've basically been working or drinking, with little of the inbetween state or much in the way of other activity.
Patricia thinks I should write more, and though she claims it's because she needs more reading material I think it's actually because she knows I feel better about things when they're available for the world to see.

A rundown of things follows:

Work: there's too much of it. I quit at tours. Maybe I should go down to two jobs.
Home: my sister won't be getting divorced until January. Moving out is now a higher priority.
School: two classes left to get into (POLI 100 and 220), and I should buy textbooks soonish.
Free iPod: I've been approved, now I just have to order one. I'm going to wait until Apple reveals whatever it reveals next Wednesday, so that maybe I can get whatever's new and awesome for free.
Music: Listening to The Cardigans a lot. Can't wait to go on a ticket-buying spree. Going to the Killers/BSP show, by which I mean going to BSP and then walking out of the Killers.
Other Geekery: I'm tempted to redesign.


August 20, 2005

two small updates

1. comments are open to all, as long as you can prove you're a person.
2. I'm on the facebook now.


August 09, 2005

I just quit a job.
It feels sort of weird, but we both knew why it was the case, and there's nothing but mild regrets all around.
and I get to keep the nametags, which is nifty.


August 08, 2005

Ultra Secret Shirt Preview

Ultra Secret Shirt Preview

this is pretty much what I'll be submitting to Threadless.


August 07, 2005

as much as I enjoy getting comments from anyone and everyone, I don't appreciate comment spam. As such, I've turned anonymous commenting off, at least until blogger finds some vaguely elegant way of stopping it.

If you don't want to register but still want to comment, drop me an email; moc [dot] liamg [at] oed [dot] dlareg is the address to send them to (but backwards).


August 05, 2005

more about the shirt

here's a mockup:

It's somewhat Neil-inspired, because he says "serenity now" a lot.
previous designs were in different colors (the color scheme still isn't settled), used different fonts/placements, and one even had the text upside down; logic being that you'd look down at your shirt and be calmed.



August 03, 2005


so, I spent my "day off" (I didn't go to work, but I emailed people like there was no tomorrow) designing a shirt for Sort of. The process went more like this:

  1. decide on text for shirt.
  2. try to decide what font to use.
  3. become frustrated with font selection, go hunting on the internet for fonts.
  4. read typography blogs.
  5. stumble across Gill Sans, which is just right for my needs.
  6. hunt down and install Gill Sans.
  7. feel guilty for ripping off a typographer; it's fairly difficult work.
  8. see that it'd cost me a whole damn lot to buy, feel less guilty.
  9. notice that Threadless prefers vector images over bitmaps (it's a way of thinking about images; ask me later if you want to know more), attempt to find bitmap-to-vector converter.
  10. find out that Flash MX does a fine job of this.
  11. figure that I may as well upgrade Fireworks so that all my Macromedia products are up to date.
  12. find, install, and crack aforementioned programs, and get down to actual work.
  13. get nowhere due to (lack of) speed of desktop.
  14. convince sister to let me use her laptop.
  15. install/crack programs again, and move my source images over to her computer.
  16. graphics program + trackpads = disaster.
  17. get some stuff done anyway, for a solid 45 minutes.
  18. move stuff done over to desktop.
  19. return laptop to previous state and then to sister.
  20. grumble.
Sprinkle in a liberal amount of email checking, livejournal reading, and geek website commenting, and you've got the closest thing I get to a vacation this summer. I got a design done, and now I'm fiddling with colour schemes before submitting to threadless, and I'll post samples for comment tomorrow.
for now, though, I'm going to bed.


August 02, 2005

shilling, round 2

so, remember this post, with the getting people to sign up and the having gotten my requisite five?

yeah, I didn't quite do that.

so, if you're looking to acquire a free iPod and want to help me out, click this link and sign up.

if you're entirely uninterested and wouldn't mind $10 for jumping through a couple internet hoops, email me (gerald.deo@gmail.NINJAcom; vanquish ninja to proceed.) and then click this link.

I figure $10 for an iPod is still better than $400.