July 12, 2005


so, the freeipods site does now work in Canada.

this was where my referral link was, but now that I've gotten my five, I'm going to put their links up as soon as they get them to me.
here's two, seeing as Spencer's gotten his done, apparently.

if you're interested in signing up, please use one of theirs.

    four things you should know:
  • a list of the offers and what they end up costing is available here.
  • if you do sign up, it'd be best to get yourself a throwaway email address first - I have gmail accounts if you want them.
  • I have yet to any spam from them, either virtual or real. In fact, I have yet to get any spam sent to my primary gmail account, which is how I can be sure of this.
  • one needs to have five other people referred by them who complete an offer before they get their respective ipods. I have one down (yay Quinn) and this is about as direct as I plan on getting, aside from the friendster post.

EDIT: having checked out the Canadian offers, the $1 "Galleria" trial membership thing looks to be the easiest one to do. Unless you want to buy cheap DVDs, in which case Columbia House looks like your best bet. The Audiobooks one is the worst, though - $3 for the first month and $22 for the second... and you can't cancel until the end of the month!

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