July 23, 2005


I'm spending the weekend at home, recovering from the last few weeks of my rather absurdist work/school schedule. There's no work to be done (I actually managed to not have to work on the weekend at the PNE; I've been trying and failing since, like, June) , just some review before next weeks finals, and maybe some designing of t-shirts and clearing out the mix CD waiting list (Aleks, I'm thinking of you specifically.)

As much as I'd like to be out with you all (I've been invited to three parties. In one day. Jesus.), right now, what I need is a quiet weekend to erase my sleep deficit (currently standing at 12 hours1, fresh socks, some lazing in the sun listening to Feist and the Dismemberment Plan (good call, Neil2), and a nice, relaxed run or three.

I'll see some people soonish, and others not so much, but I'm okay with that.
and I think I'm closer to okay than I have been for a good long while.

1I define sleep deficit as (number of hours slept in the last week) - (number of hours I sleep on average in a night * 7), which worked out to (37 - 49 = -12)
2I really should get on listening to things recommended to me faster.

In the meantime, here's a meme, taken from the lovely and talented J-Fung: ask me for a "top five" list of pretty much anything, and I'll do my best to list you my top five of that thing.


Quinn said...

the top 5 excuses you can possibly come up with to defend Dismemberment Plan.

Gerald said...

It's rather difficult to defend a band whose album I picked up a couple of days ago, especially without making fun of people/bands you like (shades of "yeah, but you like Jewel" all over again.)

1. It's still better than the new Weezer.
2. 6 years old? It's almost retro!
3. Musical taste is subjective, etc.
4. Pitchfork gave it a 9.6! OMG!
5. Neil recommended it; he can't be wrong about this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Top five times and places I can visit you between noon and 1:30 on campus.


Gerald said...

1. Mondays: I'm off campus
2. Tuesdays: I'm usually in the pool, but let me know ahead of time and we can do something.
3. Wednesdays: I'm off campus.
4. Thursdays: There's half an hour between the end of exec committee and my tour in which I'm either in my office or Spencer's.
5. Fridays: I'm off campus.

Anonymous said...

Well, Quinn hates the Dismemberment Plan, so then by saying I'm never wrong you're saying that Quinn is. Also, did I ever specifically recommend them to you? I think I just carry on about them to anyone who'll listen to me.

Anonymous said...

I think the dismemberment plan are kinda terrible, but i saw them live of their beaking up tour and they did an all request show. it was one of the hottest, sweatiest, funnest dancy party shows i've ever been too. and you can't go wrong with gyroscope. ever.

plus, they were the friend making bond with me and neil, so who can hate on that? no one.

Anonymous said...

hahhaah, man i hate people like me.

that was JC. i mean, i am JC.

Aleksandra said...

Ooh, a direct mention in your blog, I feel famous! Just for that, I'll play along on the meme...

Top 5 things you want to make sure you do before the summer is over.

Gerald said...

1. have more than three days off in a row.
2. finish all the shirts and CDs I owe people.
3. sleep for more than ten hours.
4. go to the gelato place on Clark and Venables, preferably with absurdly large posse.
5. have an Old Italian Man afternoon, with espresso and bocconcini sandwiches and bocce.

Anonymous said...

" I think the dismemberment plan are kinda terrible"

You WHAT?!?!? That whole friend-making bond thingee between us is now tainted. You hear me? TAINTED.

"the gelato place on Clark and Venables"

I remember my Econ prof mentioning this place in class.....7 years ago (don't ask why I remembered that of all things, though it may explain why I always win at Trivial Pursuit). What's so good about it?

Anonymous said...

SO ARE THIRD EYE BLIND, but i still love them.

honestly after what do you want me to say, gyroscope and 8.5 minutes i can't really get into D-plan.

if you can't respect my musical wishes, then i guess we'll just have to leave that bond thingy tainted.

so there.