February 27, 2005

it's surprising how warm two pairs of boxers are.

it's funny, sometimes, when there's a lot to say and you just don't know where to start.

in any case, the Inaugural Ball was fantastic, the morning after was better than the standard issue, and I generally feel better about dealing with all the things I have to deal with, like Gav's "man vs narwhal" shirt; I'm fairly sure that every time we have a post-drunk sleep-deprived morning discussion, I'm going to end up making a shirt based on it.

speaking of, I should probably start on some of those, but I think I'm going for a swim first, which will hopefully get me back on the wagon*.

*regular swimming means I'm in the pool at seven, instead of getting out of bed at nine; giving me basically an extra couple hours in which to get things done, thereby only really making fitting things into my day easier. weird, I know.


February 25, 2005


by very nature of blogging, couldn't I, in theory, rename every post I write to "waaaaank"?

this is what happens when I combine alcohol and the buchanan labs.


waaaaaaaaaaaaank, cont.'d

so, I got a haircut at On the Fringe this morning.

nobody noticed.

I'm unsurprised - it's not something as drastic as the ones I used to get, and I quite like it, especially since it'll grow out into less of the weird flat top and poofy side thing that tends to afflict me.

also, if I saw you today and you didn't comment, don't worry about it; I was expecting that to happen.


February 23, 2005


I think Monday was just a bad day; after a couple discussions, a midterm that didn't rock me as hard as I thought it would, and watching Jack Bauer swear, things seemed a lot better. Granted, the first half of it sucked a lot, but I'll deal with that later.

I need to cut down/back/out on some stuff, though, and in trying to take advantage of dead time on campus, I'm going to do less generalized hanging out, so unless we have plans or I'm at work, chances are I won't be as visible.

In further me-related news, I had quite possibly the least exciting mall trip ever, in which I opened an investment savings account and then bought boxers.

...exciting life I lead, I know.


February 19, 2005


I'm feeling a little rudderless as of late.

It's not for lack of things to do, but a simple (and temporary) loss of drive.

Or it's just this cold.
I hope it's just this cold.


February 14, 2005

five in heavy rotation - feb 14 edition.

these aren't terribly romantic, they're just what I've been listening to a lot of.
the usual applies; download these, do your own, put the tracks up if you're so inclined.
what's odd is that they're all rather liberal in usage of strings and samples thereof, which was unintentional on my part.

also, I don't feel like writing blurbs, so I've googled and stolen other people's.

  • M83 - Run Into Flowers
    • A perfect representation of M83's strengths, the song is remarkable for both its intensity and its tenderness. Its hushed vocals, juxtaposed with glorious swells of digital strings, are the beating heart of Dead Cities, providing a locus of humanity amidst the album's surprisingly wrenching synthesized arrangements. taken from Pitchfork

  • Stars - Celebration Guns
    • The moral is clear: we may be fighting a war so far uphill that we're falling flat on our backs from three miles up in the air, but it can't break our spirits. We have to live life here as if it were as precious as it is in the impossible utopia that exists on the back wall of our brains. We have to sing songs of love and, indeed, fall in love. We have to celebrate victory even when defeat may be looming at every corner. And most importantly, we must keep believing in ourselves and each other, even when everything we have strived for has turned from nothing into a black hole. taken from epinions

  • Kylie - Fragile
    • "But I get butterflies / Water in my eyes / 'Cause I'm fragile when I hear your name / Fragile when you call / This could be the nearest thing to love / And I'm fragile when I hear you speak / Fragile feeling small / This could be the closest thing to love" coos Kylie at the chorus. And once again, it's so simple and direct and goes straight for the heart. Who hasn't felt that way before when falling hard for someone? taken from PopMatters

  • Autechre - Arch Carrier
    • It's generally agreed that the record's standout track is "Corc," whose laidback beats and subtle melody is a perfect soundtrack for cruising through the futuristic nitetime ghettos of Tokyo. But there's something about "Arch Carrier" that seems much more artistically unique, and altogether more powerful. The track kicks off with a seemingly random melodic structure that eventually becomes the song's backbone as heartbeat- like drumlines and eerie string sections enter the mix. taken from Pitchfork

  • Hope of The States - The Red The White The Black The Blue
    • More a movie-in-waiting than a song (there’s even a crazed Irish jig segment), ‘The Red...’ blasts HOTS out of their Mogwai-with-tunes pigeonhole into a scary/beautiful hellscape of sonic invention all their own. taken from NME
remember, kids, the words aren't mine, I just like the songs.
download links should hopefully be up soon.


February 13, 2005

in which I am officially inducted into the Cult of 24:

having watched a full half of Season 3 of 24 in one go, I am filled with questions and shock and emotional trauma.

Mostly, though, I'm full of admiration for a man who can kill a man with just his legs while lying down, handcuffed to some sort of railing, while going through heroin withdrawal.

Jack Bauer... *swoon*


February 09, 2005

the beginnings of curmudgeonhood:

why can't TV be this good anymore?



February 08, 2005


the good: had my first ACF Communications meeting with Ari. Cleared the air about a number of things that were bothering me. Was productive. Am generally feeling better about whole thing.

the bad: can't move out, really, because of cultural norms. this would be easier to deal with if I knew who to get mad at.

the ugly: the headphones are defunct. I have no regrets about paying what I did for them, and if priced out*, I would say I definitely got my money's worth out of them. This does, however, leave me looking for a new pair, which won't be fun.

*25-30 hours a week times 94 weeks = 2350-2820 hours of usage, which works out to 5-6 cents an hour, and 25-30 hours a week of headphone usage is definitely a conservative estimate, given me.


February 07, 2005

Fwd: The Earth threatened by the planet Hercolubus

no. idea.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dangerous Planet
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 21:31:59 -0200
Subject: The Earth threatened by the planet Hercolubus
To: boyson@interchange.ubc.ca

Our planet earth is under threat of being destroyed by the fast approaching
of Hercolubus, also called 'Red Planet'.

Hercolubus is a gigantic planet, several times bigger than Jupiter, whose
massive gravitatory power will provoke in earth plenty of terrible
earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc., which will
increase in intensity until they bring humanity to an end.

Those are REAL facts, they are not fictions, they will happen in the short
term and are described in detail by V.M. Rabolu in his work 'Hercolubus or
Red Planet', where humanity is warned about that next catastrophe and told
what to do in order to avoid it.

Yours sincerely,
Ediciones Humanidad

More information:

Free PDF:
http://canada.hercolubus.net/Hercolubus_Canada.pdf (on line)
http://canada.hercolubus.net/Hercolubus_Canada.zip (donwnload)

Web: http://canada.hercolubus.net
E-mail: webmaster@hercolubus.net

If you DO NOT wish to receive more information, please send an e-mail to
remove@hercolubus.net writing in the subject line the word 'remove'.



February 06, 2005

same quiz everyone else is doing...

You are a XSYT--Expressive Sentimental Physical Taker. This makes you a Firebrand.

You are volatile, sexy and sexually driven. You're magnetic and fascinating, but you don't really enjoy playing the field -- it makes you nervous and preys on your insecurites. But when you fall for someone you fall hard.

You tend to over-analyze things, so the slightest comment or action from your significant other can send you into a tailspin. You crave attention and validation from your loved ones, so if your friends don't like your partner or your partner doesn't like your friends it makes you suffer. Unfortunately the two are often in conflict -- you have excellent insight with your friends, but in a relationship you are blind. Trust your friends!

You blow hot and cold, with big highs and big lows. This makes the bad times very bad but the good times very good, so you tend to stay in a problem relationship much longer than you should. But when a relationship fails, you hold a grudge. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but make sure your grudge doesn't cloud your vision the other way!

What would help you most in your relationships is confidence. You need someone who can help you feel good about yourself and not worse.

You can be needy and jealous. Fortunately you are cute as hell.

Of the 192117 people who have taken this quiz, 5.6 % are this type.

link to quiz


February 04, 2005


- I applied for ECSS, but now I don't know if I really do want to do it. On the one hand, it's exactly what I want to do after school and it's not experience I'd get a crack at for a good long time otherwise. At the same time, I don't know if I want to/can handle fulltime work along with the courseload; it's too late to drop stuff and I sort of don't want to. It's not a financial thing, either, if I'm not working at the AMS, then I still have Equity, Campus Tours, and the PNE as well as whatever else comes up for the summer. Plus, Spencer raised an interesting point about how he'd need an assistant (and he'd rename the position to the Chief of Staff; first person to call them Mike gets pushed down a stairwell) that knows how he works before getting into the role to minimize learning time, and really, who else knows how Spencer works better than me?
- I'm buying a Powerbook after the next revision, which will probably come in June*. If it's a G5, then I'll buy the G4s because the first version of Mac stuff is often buggy. If it's the dual-core, or the Freescales, then I'll get one of those. I'm still not absolutely certain on it; if there's something that better suits my needs and is cheaper, then I'm all for it, but I don't think anything will match the size/power/sexiness/does everything I could possibly need for the next few years combination. And, yes, when I buy electronics, sexiness totally matters.
- I haven't been listening to much new music lately; whether that's because I don't feel like sifting through Pitchfork or because I'm feeling curmudgeonly is debatable. Anyway, suggestions are welcome.

*Powerbooks work on a roughly 6-month product cycle, or so says rumor site's buying guide

wowsers, I'm boring.


February 01, 2005

I am tyler, this is my heart

thank autofill for the title; I was intending to make some sort of
spam joke (because that's what this is about) but I think this is

bored at work last thursday (the 28th), I cleared out the thousand-odd
spam messages in my gmail account, to see roughly how fast they
accumulate. in the name of science.

it's been five days.
there are now 216 spam messages caught by my filter.


and when you listen to yourself / does it feel like somebody else

here's hoping my February runs smoother than my January.

Somehow, I doubt it will.

tomorrow: Handbill for UPass at Broadway, tour, labs.
wednesday: haircut, 260 midterm, interview MIA, coffee with dad which can only lead to shouting matches.
thursday: class, work, dinner with spencer and naf.
friday: class (all my discussion groups are on this day), work, possible acf sleepover.

...somewhere in there, I have to redo my resume and get one to Access and Diversity as well as applying for ECSS. oh, and start on my paper for poli sci 101. ergh.