February 27, 2005

it's surprising how warm two pairs of boxers are.

it's funny, sometimes, when there's a lot to say and you just don't know where to start.

in any case, the Inaugural Ball was fantastic, the morning after was better than the standard issue, and I generally feel better about dealing with all the things I have to deal with, like Gav's "man vs narwhal" shirt; I'm fairly sure that every time we have a post-drunk sleep-deprived morning discussion, I'm going to end up making a shirt based on it.

speaking of, I should probably start on some of those, but I think I'm going for a swim first, which will hopefully get me back on the wagon*.

*regular swimming means I'm in the pool at seven, instead of getting out of bed at nine; giving me basically an extra couple hours in which to get things done, thereby only really making fitting things into my day easier. weird, I know.

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