February 08, 2005


the good: had my first ACF Communications meeting with Ari. Cleared the air about a number of things that were bothering me. Was productive. Am generally feeling better about whole thing.

the bad: can't move out, really, because of cultural norms. this would be easier to deal with if I knew who to get mad at.

the ugly: the headphones are defunct. I have no regrets about paying what I did for them, and if priced out*, I would say I definitely got my money's worth out of them. This does, however, leave me looking for a new pair, which won't be fun.

*25-30 hours a week times 94 weeks = 2350-2820 hours of usage, which works out to 5-6 cents an hour, and 25-30 hours a week of headphone usage is definitely a conservative estimate, given me.

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