August 30, 2005

bullet point living.

I haven't written much lately, mostly because there isn't much to write about - I've basically been working or drinking, with little of the inbetween state or much in the way of other activity.
Patricia thinks I should write more, and though she claims it's because she needs more reading material I think it's actually because she knows I feel better about things when they're available for the world to see.

A rundown of things follows:

Work: there's too much of it. I quit at tours. Maybe I should go down to two jobs.
Home: my sister won't be getting divorced until January. Moving out is now a higher priority.
School: two classes left to get into (POLI 100 and 220), and I should buy textbooks soonish.
Free iPod: I've been approved, now I just have to order one. I'm going to wait until Apple reveals whatever it reveals next Wednesday, so that maybe I can get whatever's new and awesome for free.
Music: Listening to The Cardigans a lot. Can't wait to go on a ticket-buying spree. Going to the Killers/BSP show, by which I mean going to BSP and then walking out of the Killers.
Other Geekery: I'm tempted to redesign.


Anonymous said...

i know i totally lose all cred asking this, and its most likely just a blonde moment, but.... BSP?

Anonymous said...

ohhhh... british sea power?

hah, i'm totally blonde.

Gerald said...

yeah, but we love you anyway.

or at least I do.

Anonymous said...

Yaa, Gerald is updating... and I got a shout out!!!

Now I should go back to checking this blog on a regular basis, seeing as how you are now posting on a regular-ish basis (hopefully).

I hope things are going well in general Gerald. Talk to you soon I'm sure.