March 23, 2005

although I tidy up my room fairly frequently, I hadn't gone the whole nine yards for a while, digging things out of corners and under the bed before (for the most part) throwing them out.

did one of those today, and found all sorts of stuff; the most interesting/bizarre of which is listed below.

  • Spencer handbills (both 2004 and 2005)
  • Spencer's Best Diplomat award from the Model UN
  • my old PNE contract
  • a Hard Hat Area sign I stole from Vanier during the summer
  • every backstage pass I own (ACF 12/13, Welcome Back 2004, Radiohead 2003)
  • an unused stencil with a quote from High Fidelity
  • a postcard from Paige
  • the I (map of Hunan) Hunan stencil I used for Gavin's birthday shirt
  • a 64 megabyte stick of PC100 RAM
  • a postcard from British Sea Power
  • a bunch of stickers used to identify the party of a scrutineer during the federal election, including (among others):
    • the Marxist-Leninist Party
    • the Reform Party
    • the Bloc Quebecois


caitlin said...

do you have an ndp sticker? can you send me one? or an assortment?

TLG said...

I got the whole set of the stickers. They make great gifts.

caitlin said...

wait wait have bloc stickers? why would there be any bloc observers in bc?
(clearly i'm working diligently on my paper and thus have time to reread this carefully)

Kav said...

I wish I could say I can dig up sticks of RAM in my room... that's awesome!