May 11, 2006

no-crunch diet, day 7

Boost drinks (which I've been consuming when I've been away from home)
have this really weird aftertaste of creamed corn.

the worst part is that I've been drinking the "Mocha" flavor.

it's about as bad as you think.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that your mouth is still so bad... that sucks Gerald. Maybe it was because you had six impacted teeth, but when I got my wisdom teeth out I was eating solid food three days later....

When do you think you'll get to eat food again?

Gerald said...

my actual jaw muscle is the one doing the hurting now; chewing or excessive talking gives me headaches, and so to minimize, I find it easier to have a liquid lunch.

...just not the usual kind.

as it turns out, I only had five teeth removed; what I thought were two teeth were in fact the two halves of one wisdom tooth.

PhotoDiarist said...

I used to eat/drink boost in addition to my normal meals, to get more food to gain weight. Totally didn't work at all.

I really liked the chocolate flavour though.

I hope your jaw stops hurting soon!