June 25, 2003

did some rambling last night on a sheet of paper. I'll spare you the majority of it.
in short:
- I burned out after grade 12. like, atmospheric reentry. One needs a 55% average to stay in at UBC. my current average is 55.5%.
- I dislike having to be the mature one in a house where the next oldest person is 1.5 times my age.
- I like blue.
- This design is changing soon. It'll be up on blogskins eventually.

now, for today.


did you decide to unionize recently? Nothing else in society (or nature, for that matter) devotes so much of its time to doing exactly the wrong thing and saying "not my job" when questioned. What motivates you single-celled mafia to all sorts of violence against innocent pollens, dusts and danders that find their way into my nasal passages, while continually missing other, far more destructive invaders?
There's no excuse for this sort of behavior.
single-celled asshats, all of you.

(what brought this about? my rather severe allergies. and a cold. at the same time.)

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