June 19, 2005

stuff! I'm! thinking!

someone remind me why I have four jobs, again?
once you're done that, tell me why I have an interview for a fifth on wednesday.

also: spoon was delightful. getting up at 6:45 so I could be at the PNE by 8:30 was not. three shots of espresso in a tall latte (3 oz espresso, 4 oz milk, 1 oz foam for those of you keeping score) was a terrible and fantastic idea. large-scale group interviews are a logistical nightmare.

my backache would kill a lesser man.

I'm currently bidding on this camera on ebay. I started out looking for this. What I sort of want is one of these - fishing games are awesome.

I hate data entry.


Anonymous said...

add me add me to livejournal loser (i know you don't use livejournal itself and do some fancy RSS feed thing but do it anyways cause i told you to)

love, eurassia

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerald - you are working four jobs because you have the time and you're making lots of money?

Unlike me who will be incredibly broke by the end of my frolicking around the Eurasian continent.


Anonymous said...

Oh, haha. At first I thought she was talking about me.

Sarah said...


Take it from an old pro. If you ever need to caffeinate, repeat after me: triple grande nonfat caramel macchiato, please! The awesomeness of sugar fights the acidity of 3 days' worth of caffeine. Or, if you're in a fix, and only 7-Eleven is close by, grab a medium-sized slurpee and a can of red bull. Combine. Repeat if necessary.