June 05, 2005

lazy list poster gerald

  • new coldplay = very... large. I dunno how I feel about that.
  • Alias = pretty good - I've rented the last three seasons over the last few weeks, and so I'm caught up until the season that just finished, which I'm going to have to download because it's not out on DVD yet.

fuck, who am I kidding?
I'm stuck in a rut again.

work/school/commute/geekery - it's not bad, but it's not great. Haven't been to the gym or made a shirt or taken photos in ages.

I feel like I've lost half of myself.

I've sort of taken steps to fix that; Costa and I are going to have weekly Power Yoga and Aquacize classes, once I get my schedule all ironed out, I'll either start going to the gym extremely early (in Delta) or after class (at the Bird Coop), as well as lunchtime swimming either way.

anyone else in for any of the above? I always felt better about things when I was hitting the gym regularly... maybe there is something to that "endorphin high" that Neil's always talking about.


Anonymous said...

Aquacize! Kate takes that class, and my friend Andrew teaches it.
Although he just got into med school, so he may have quit to enjoy one last quiet summer.

Gina Belle

Quinn said...

Coldplay is obviously the reason you're in a rut. I say you buy Annie tomorrow, which will inspire you to... dance at least.. which is close to the gym... if you do it outside, and its sunny and hot... and then you can take photos of astonished onlookers... while wearing a shirt that says "take a picture motherfucker"


PhotoDiarist said...

what quinn said.

you have one crazily busy life dude, i don't think i could handle that kinda masochistic time management.

Anonymous said...

Name your time and we'll go to the gym (Bird Coop). I can supply reinforcement, either positive or negative, whichever floats your boat.

Anonymous said...

I go swimming at the UBC pool as often as my schedule allows me. Sometimes at lunch, sometimes in the late afternoon. Perhaps I shall see you there some day!

Oh, and at one point in time you said weren't congratulating me on the number of jobs I had until I had as many as you. I've got 3 now! I'm catching up.

Gerald said...

Rachel: I tend to go between 11 and 1. Also, I just applied for a fifth, so keep trying...