February 09, 2004

definitely one of those consolation days...

...y'know, the kind where things go well enough to almost make up for the last two.

morning was unexciting. really. commute, office, class, etc.
well, we broke a glass in physics using only sound waves, which was pretty hot.

then we had the speediest meeting ever, with enough time left over at the end to discuss hats, and then draft a motion:
"whereas bad hats are a plague to all students, and the AUS is a pretty stylish bunch, be it resolved that this council ban the wearing of stupid Kangol hats by all and trucker caps by anyone who isn't a trucker. All students wearing such hats will be shunned. Note: requires 2/3rds."

Collins demanded a roll-call vote.
18 for.
11 against.
4 abstentions.

so, every arts student is now required to not wear trucker caps or stupid Kangol hats and also to shun those who do.

I wonder if SUS plans on following suit, especially since they've run off with a copy of Code.

next class consisted of me being bored, and watching the girl sitting in front of me play Solitaire. badly.
when it was over, me and the E7A crew were all going to head down to the Belkin gallery, because we'd never been, and were interested in seeing whatever was going on.

Alex went to class, so me, Jordie, and Rob head down to Belkin. Finding a "CLOSED" sign on the front revolving doors but not seeing a corresponding one on the back door, we walk around to the back entrance (across from the Freddy Wood Theatre). Open one door, and nothing happens. Open another, and we're in. There's someone in a back room blasting bad rock (I swear it was Billy Talent), and we don't bother checking to see.

so we spent some time walking around the Belkin art gallery, examining pottery from an exhibit called "Thrown", while it's absolutely silent. the gallery's TVs are off, there's no noise from other people, and we're sticking to the middle of the room, because there's laser sensors making sure your arms don't go vaguely close to the pottery.

then we remember that we ditched Alasdair, and that we should probably go outside to meet him.
and we do.
then we go back in, and Mysterious Bad Musical Taste Man (who did not see our previous exit or entry) gently reminds us that the gallery is currently closed, and that we should come back tomorrow.

much heckling later, we head back to gage (with a quick stop through MASS to grab my stuff, skim the PSSA career fair, and to garner a quick, "baby, why you gotta play me like that?" from Graham.)

and then Speculation begins. good gods, that's fun.

two hours later, I head out to Kerrisdale on the 43 to meet my mom for 5pm. Since she's working again, I have rides home. Get to the old high school at 4:50, realize that I have enough time for a Slurpee run, and grab one before driving home.

nothing exciting at home; just toying with CSS2 some more, and wondering if tracking down a crack of Dreamweaver MX is worth my time.

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