February 15, 2004

everyone needs a fuzzy shirt for beer gardens.

honestly, it's great; had a couple conversations and some chest-rubbing (!!) started solely on the basis of my shirt.

friday was fun; started out with a posse heading to RBF; ran into a couple more people along the way, and then ended up jumping the line to grab a beer. only ended up drinking two, but hey, they were free and I spent no time in line for them. got ditched by AUS crew, so I walked with Jordie to Gage where he grabbed a mug, and then we went to buck-a-beaker. which was probably the worst policed beer garden I've ever been to. at least AUS ones let you get in and then make you show ID for tickets; the buck-a-beaker security guy ID'd Jordie WHILE I WALKED AROUND HIM. seriously, it was pretty bad. start drinking (beer wasn't that great) chat up some SUS types, hang out. Run into Graham, head to MASS with the intention of heading back to buck-a-beaker (he forgot a mug, and wasn't about to shell out for a beaker). End up staying at MASS for most of the rest of the night, then head out to buck-a-beaker, evade security once again, miss seeing Jill entirely, hang out there, and then walk Jo Krack to CanClub. Head downstairs to grab a slice of pizza, then run into Jordie again, at which point we go to hang out in Fairview.

time spent drinking: 4 hours.
money spent drinking: $2
drinks consumed: 6.

a solid evening, I'd say.

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