February 19, 2004

minor ramble because I'm in an awesome mood

a little backstory:
Iain was the guy who I had at least one class with every year, who I got along with immensely well, who was just always... there. We spent spare blocks together at the UBC arcade (including the one time we missed the bus, got to class late, and made up the awesomest lie ever about how the bus broke down. and pulled it off.), dissected frogs and got up to general silliness together. It was 5 thoroughly interesting years with him around.

Now, Iain's off at UVic, and I hadn't seen him since we graduated, which would be something like a year and 8 months at this point; and given that we're used to seeing each other pretty much daily, it's been sort of weird. There was MSN, but it's not at all the same.

We hung out today, me and him and Patricia. Played a couple games in the arcade, went on a micro-tour of campus (he didn't know about forestry, patricia didn't know what belkin was, I had no clue about the echoey thing at the end of koerner plaza) stopped at the rose garden for a moment, and then headed to koerner's.

now, stop for a moment. this is me, with a pair of friends who I've known since I was 12, with whom I have had more fun than I care to recount at this point - people who are basically everything I loved about the high school experience. And we're going to sit in Koerner's and drink beer and shoot pool, and talk about the past, the present, the future. Politics; federal, provincial and student. Music; he's getting back into house, she's discovering canadian indie rock, and I'm all over the place. People we know, others we've heard of, conversations we keep intending to have. We don't stop talking until she has to leave for a movie, he has a hair appointment, and I should really get back to that physics problem set.

some drinks, some pool, an afternoon of talk.
old friends.
new hangouts.

this was definitely more of a lift than I thought it would be.

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