February 03, 2007


I'm not entirely sure what to write about last night; I got hammered and behaved appallingly, to some degree - I drunk dialed Rob and probably offended Neil and had quite an interesting chat with Dan.

that said, it was probably the best thing I could have done; it's been a long time coming and I think it'll help me break out of this weird, mildly complacent rut I've been in.

Also also: it's mildly alarming that I can be "oh god why did I drink that last beer goddamnit will someone stop the world from spinning" drunk and yet still tell the tour guide story about the Nitobe Gardens, down to the imported maples, and the fact that he's on the 50,000 yen note. I may have forgotten about how it's supposed to be like the Milky Way, but it's alright because we were being quiet.

Also3: I met Tim's roommate - we didn't talk much, and he definitely didn't set off anything on Ye Olde Radar.

Also4: I'm pretty sure I made a capillary action joke at Foreplay (where I won no sex toys, and I GOT ID'D AT THE CHEEZE WHAT THE HELL.)

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