March 16, 2006

adventures in technology:

my brother's bluetooth headset (picture) arrived in the mail on Tuesday, but his bluetooth-enabled phone (picture) didn't get to him until last night, and so in the interval, I borrowed it to see what the fuss was and also to see if I wanted one. I think the idea of hands-free phone usage is interesting, and while the usage of the headset/phone combo was neat, I ended up looking like a total douche.

in conclusion, a small chart of pros and cons. It should be a table, but I never did figure out how to hand-code them and I'm not about to start.

- handsfree operation
- no actual contact with phone required to place or receive calls.
- decent quality/noise reduction
- looking like the Borg

- looking like a douche
- voice dial still has some bugs
- uncomfortable after a length of time
- looking like the Borg

I don't want one. I'm interested in what the next step is, though.

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Anonymous said...

I think I found my frames.

Lilac Fendis, but I haven't totally made up my mind yet..