March 28, 2006


got my first platinum card offer in the mail today.
while I realize that it's the first of many and it's successors will undoubtedly plague my mailbox and torment my shredder, the first one should be a little bit special.

so I opened it before shredding it.



Anonymous said...

My boyfriend, Sunny, is the best credit card in the whole world!


Gerald said...


are you objectifying a person, or personifying an object?

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is in my wallet

and he rescued me in Europe

when I fell in love with 500$ shoes

Anonymous said...

(which I wore today)


Nicole said...

I hope to high water that they never offer me a platinum card.

Otherwise, trouble will storm.

PhotoDiarist said...

I got my 6th credit card in the mail today. Only 2 have balances, and both are low rates (3.9% and 5.99%), but I can't wait til I get a platinum card offer. Then again, most of them charge outrageous annual fees, so I'll prbly shred them too.

This new card gives 10 cents to Oxfam everytime I use it. I'll probably never use it, but they gave $20 to Oxfam just because my application was successful. I feel like a better person now.

Anonymous said...

How'd the batman paper go?