March 14, 2006

misc. points:

- I can't go to Electric Six tonight. Anyone want my ticket?
- new glasses get here Friday evening. I found a (not great) picture of the frames here. They were mostly covered by insurance and I'm getting a stupid deal, so I figured that going with nice frames would be worth it.
- I was offered a choice between a trip to Australia with my sister, or a big party, the kind of which I often make mad fun of. I haven't decided yet, but the fact that I'd be going to Australia with my sister makes me want to go with the party.
- The Battlestar Galactica season finale was crushing. Crushing.


Anonymous said...

I like the glasses Gerald.

You should also look into Burberry glasses. They are so hot on men.


Anonymous said...

hey! emporio.

that's what i'm wearing right now. but I want to update things a bit.

still haven't found anything :(


PhotoDiarist said...

My fine frames can be seen at

Seriously - fine frames from a dealer named "the sidewalk" in queenstown, NZ... I got a good deal too - free.

Oz is nice, and I had a good time with MY sister there, but I think you should opt for either a)party or b)go to oz, get on the 'wrong' bus that you 'accidentally' bought a ticket for, and split off on your own

Nicole said...

Oz, Gerald. Oz.

Plus, Burberry glasses are really cute on boys. Trust me on this one.

Shockah Karl said...

Cool frames.

Big party or Oz? Hmmm...

You can have a big party any time you want, plus there's all the logistics you have to worry about.

Now, being that I have been to Oz, my view is quite biased. But I quite enjoyed it. NEVER order Foster's, they'll just make fun of you. So I'd opt for that.

In regards to your sis cramping your style, do you have to hang out there? My friends, and the other chaperones had a similar problem. That being the principal. We just ditched him. Or in your case, just make sure that you 2 have separate itineraries.