April 14, 2005

goodbye teenage angst

so, uh, I'm 20.

birthday celebrations will be rolled into the wonderspectacular that will be the Blarney, because exam period is lame.

also, because no birthday is complete without some sort of comment request, here's one I've taken verbatim from Britt: If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, you must post a memory of me.

It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.

and for those of you i don't know.. ummm, post an adventure that you would have us go on. ya, that sounds good.

also, if you're reading this from Lithuania, drop a comment at some point, just to satisfy my curiousity.


Anonymous said...

hmm, i guess since you got this from me, it seems fitting that i'm the first to comment... even though you didn't leave me on. boo.
anyways... we really don't have enough memories gerald. first and foremost.
secondly, i would have to choose that day that we went shopping. and there was that crazy woman working at the gap who said she was going to make cake. and you bought those awesome grey pinstripe pants. and then i ate poutine.
/end of memory.

p.s. let me know when you're celebrating your bday. i'm down with drinking for the cause.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hmm...I don't know if we hang out enough to have memorable moments, but I always appreciated the you were willing to help. I am quite a luddite, as you know. Any time I was having trouble with the computers in the office, you were always the first person I asked and you were more than willing to fix the problem. Maybe following Blarney on the 22nd, we have some more memorable moments eh?


nafeesa said...

Memorable moments? You've already brought up the rampant kissing at ACF. Then there's all the "we not really brown kids" memories I have of you and I. Then there's the time you showed up to Discotronic dressed as a brown kid enrolled in an accounting program.

My best memory is of Farmer Gerald in his cover-alls bringing me food and keeping me sane at last year's Partnership Walk. That was a brilliant day because you really embraced the role I gave you, including going onstage in front of a crapload of brown folks and literally hugging that tree.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, lots of my memories of you have to do with your campaign managing... also with ACF 12. Happy wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gerald!... I'm so out of the loop these days.

When I first got to know you last year you made me feel good because you always said 'hello' and seemed happy to see me. I know I had met you the year before, but didn't really 'know' you, even so, you made me feel welcome and happy. So thanks. Not really a specific memory, but it reminds me of what a nice, and friendly person you are. Glad I had the chance to actually hang out and be your friend.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday Gerald!! :D

Hmmmm, favourite memory? Probably the first time I met you and you were describing how you were running Spencer's (second?) campaign. It was a great conversation :)


Anonymous said...

Big bold blue signs saying "Gerald do not read any further"


Anonymous said...

Remember when I almost gave you the antidote?

Good times...


Anonymous said...

first off, happy birthday, old fogey.
second, this is strange, because i do know you, but i think that the last time i saw you was in january of 2004 on the bus to/from ubc. and we made small talk about mini folk. but that's really the only specific memory i can call up right at the moment.
if all goes according to plan, i should be in vancouver from aug 5 - 15ish. we should do something. i feel like we should be friends.

Anonymous said...

member at whistler when I was drunk and you were smoking a cigar and you were making me laugh with your flawless spencer impressions.

also, origami and chocolate in Cutler's class.

also, when we were laughing at the hole in Andrew's pants.

sooperdooper happy birfday Gerald.
-Erin Rennie

Anonymous said...


Hmm, one memory? Walking in the pissing rain to your profs house to drop of some document... no wait, arcade fire! no no, it has to be that very first time we met and I was pigging out on chicken wings and I thought I had sauce on my face the whole time... but you woulda told me, right?

Anonymous said...

A Memory of Gerald:
"Do you guys just hang out and dress business casual?"

Happy Birthday Gerald, congratulations on being 20. I hope you realize that this means no more Smashing Pumpkins.

See you at awards night (or Sooner!)

Anonymous said...

September 2001 sometime in the wee hours of the morning on Thetis Island. You, me, and four other crazy people, the rain, the pier, the phosphorescence, the kitchen hat, the big ladle, your freaking flashlight, etc etc etc. You can reread it here - http://www.livejournal.com/users/justthis_once/2004/03/04/ - although it is a bit of a funnily written entry.

That was definitely a fun time. And something great to reminisce about too.

Anonymous said...

"Aleks, I'm naming the plants after the guys in Radiohead - this one's Ed, because he's the tallest..."

I almost died.

And no matter how long I will know you, Gerald, you will always be "the kid that named the plants after Radiohead" to me.

And I love that.

So today as you enter this new phase of adulthood, complete with pinstriped-pants-wearing and puppeteering, I warn you: Lose that folly and I will hurt you. (I do know where you live...)


Anonymous said...

It's late. I'm tired. My brain has stopped thinking. I'll just give the obvious answer:


Anonymous said...

I hazily remember several occasions where I've been blasted and you show up and I try to talk to you with great difficulty. you're part of an ever widening group of people that I see more often when I'm twisted than when I'm sober.

Anonymous said...

Ah, memories. I was trying to come up with something good and mushy about when I first met you, until I realized that I don't remember meeting you at all, and somehow just always knew who you were. Weird.

I think the funniest memory of you that I have is when you decided to do a keg stand for the road. Famous last words...

Other highlights include being peer advising buddies, and the way that you seem to appear miraculously any time I have time to kill in the SUB.

Have an awesome birthday and a great twenty-first year!

Spencer said...

The first time I saw you and bothered to ask anybody who you were, you had just vomited all over the floor at the Whistler Lodge, to the left of the pool table (from my vantage point on the porch).

I judged you for that.

Jayme said...

Hmmm... late to respond... too many memories.

"Dans la piscine avec ta mère" -Whistler 2003

Or more appropriately perhaps, the failed Spencer campaign of January 2004, when you spent a great deal of time at the doc us and although insanely busy, managed to find the time to make some delicious butter chicken for helpless Spencer and me. It was the best meal I had at that house... what can I say, I'm shitty cook.

... and millions of others, but hey that works.

Welcome to the rest of your life,


PS. Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

i remember gerald watching me and jordie and lana and kelly play euchre at my house, and me trying to trick him into my bedroom the whole evening...good times...oh! that and the great storylines gerald came up with while playing with my x-men trading cards.

Anonymous said...

Narwhal wrestling and the economies of Hunan definitely jump to mind....

Happy belated Bday!

Anonymous said...

Exchanging numbers on the corner of Davie and Burrard after the fireworks. Shortly after that Pat and I performed a Matrix style high-5. Priceless.

Happy Birthday. See you at Awards Night.

Anonymous said...

I remember you impressed me when I met you for the first time. For about 2 months I'd been walking around with name tags which said Hugin and Mugin (possibly Munin I can't remember which spelling I had) on them waiting for someone to recognize that they were the names of Odin's ravens. No one did until I met you and you pointed out that I had spelled Mugin wrong and that it should be Munin (or possibly vice versa). I pointed out that there were two spellings in use, but was still very impressed by your nerdiness.