April 19, 2005


  • done exams, some assignments left, though. almost there.
  • Oana gave me a flickr pro account! expect more photos.
  • so stoked for Blarney, because I've never been to one and because it's the closest I'm getting to having a birthday thing.
  • bought a pink shirt. I'm surprised at how well it's working out.
  • up for five E7A Awards, in the categories of:
    • Most likely a spy of some sort award, for For his close proximity to AMS politicians giving him an unassuming “in”
    • The J K Rowling Turning our Kids Back to Reading Award, twice for both 100 Bullets and Batman:Hush.
    • The Get your Buzz on Award – Best Performance While Under the Influence - co-nominated with Spencer for rumors of snuggling.
    • The Other Award – For the Person who Embodies the Greatest Level of Cultural/Racial/Ethnic/Gender Otherness because, y'know, I'm brown.
    • Best Blog, for, um, this.
    • Best Music.
Last year, I won both the Best Performance While Drunk for "One More Keg Stand for the Road" and the JK Rowling for turning the gang onto Transmetropolitan. It'll be interesting to see how these turn out.


Quinn said...

not to say that you should choose one over the other...

but if you go to awards night you will be waiting in line at the B-Stone for hours.

Anonymous said...

If you can't make it to awards night we'll call you after the ceremony and tell you want awards you've won. And if you drop off your predictions ahead of time I'll still consider you for the trophy (thought there may be points deducted!!!)