January 27, 2005


generally, I don't like doing this, but this is something I'll make an exception for:

post-elections thoughts - there's more, and I'm not entirely sure that they're clear for posting here, so here's an edited version. It's like I got all FCC on myself. Without the wardrobe malfunctions and huge fines.

___ what accomplishment felt like
After a pair of huge hugs, a night at the Gallery (with a toast to me, no less) a round of Fields of Athenry and general Spencer-related hilarity, I figured out exactly what it was I felt when I got those 6 rapidfire phone calls, when I checked the website, and why I damn near cried when I found out that Gav, Spence, and Quinn had all won their positions.

It wasn't "crisis averted." It wasn't "good lord it's over and I'm done." It wasn't "I have an AMS job next year."

It was, quite simply, "this is the first of many steps in the right direction."

___so where do I fit in?
I've been asked a bunch of times whether I will automatically be Spencer's assistant, or if I'll get whatever job I want within the AMS. The answer, of course, is no; part of Gavin's platform (this part) was that he'd improve accessibility and remove nepotism within the AMS, and I think that if there happens to be someone better qualified for the job, then they should get it for the good of the society. Mindblowing, I know, but if this whole "relevance, professionalism, and bringing the society back to the students" thing is to happen, then I don't mind not being instantly guaranteed a job.

___last one
I am immensely pleased by these elections. I made a bunch of new friends, made good friends out of acquaintances, and guided two (and a half if you count Quinn*) candidates to victory in the very first slateless election in over twenty years. We overcame a lot of ridiculousness from all sides, from Progressive Voter Guides to the EA postering over candidates, and I'm proud of the job I've done and the guys I did it for.
More than anything, though, I'm excited to see what happens next.
*not because Quinn is half a person, but because I helped him comparatively little.

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