September 14, 2005

like pulling thoughts out of a hat.

first EA meeting went well; people were excited and we have a good team and there's lots of good ideas.

can't shake the feeling that I'm going to make a giant clusterfuck of things.

the PNE is (finally, thankfully) winding down, so I'm only working a couple evenings for the rest of the month and even less in October, so I'm no longer considering going down to two jobs.

classes are interesting. I'm going to try and finish my distance ed course by the end of April instead of August. We'll see how it goes.

I always enjoy it when life imitates art.

having had success in obtaining a free iPod, I'm trying again for a free iPod nano. Blame geek lust, I guess. Click here if you want to help me get one and start your own free electronics odyssey.


PhotoDiarist said...

wahhh... (that's a weak attempt at crying effect)

i have no success with cuz everyone else has already got an acct :-(

i'd help ya with yours, but the offer signups don't work with my NZ ip address unfortunately... stupid regional discrimination.

well, good luck!

Anonymous said...

What exactly do the other people have to sign up for in order for you to get a free one? Do they have to pay anything at any point or no ? I need details G.

Gerald said...

I noticed that you'd signed up already, so if you go back to, sign in with your email address, and then go to the "complete offer" page and see what's listed there, you can see what you do and don't have to pay for. I think the cheapest offer they have up at the moment is a dollar, and the people that sign up under you do the same trial offer thing that you have to do (or a different one if they so choose).