June 19, 2004

"I have clean water and the vote. Life is good."*

and they were right.

fuck this.
I tire of moping.

Once I vanquish this cold, it's time to do things differently.
Until then, blood and souls for my lord arioch!! fluids and bedrest.
And comics.
News: am registration clerking for elections canada. am weirdly, suddenly ill, and the drugs/fever combo are affecting my verbiage. have given up any semblance of a normal job, and will be applying to as many temp/part time/paper routes/what have you as I can. should be interesting. will probably buy a bus pass (2-zone; did the risk/reward and it works well out in my favor) hence I'll be around more. have curtains now. fabric will also make exciting shorts. physio has been immensely helpful.
oh, right. I think this counts as being back.
dunno if I'll redo the design. It's grown on me.
*author of quote wishes to remain anonymous. thus, they will remain anonymous.

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