October 11, 2006


the thing about posting lately is that I sit down and end up wanting to write three things in one, and in doing so end up doing nothing. I guess the most intuitive thing would be to write all three, so, uh, here goes. no neil-fu this post, and I'll explain that one later.

the thing about whistler for me is that none of the things that you're supposed to be doing, seeing, thinking about, or planning for are the ones that stick with you. This year's short themes for me were: bonding with Bock (things are cyclical; this was my year to watch over the puker and make sure he had water while he slept)  and T-Whatever (Cosy/Rex/Bone/Bag/etley); coming back up to speed on ACF; quality time with Ryan; getting comfortable with my satellite-like status; and seeing Pringle again.

came back from whistler, passed out in the office (and didn't go home) then went out to sushi to see Jill, going from Old Man to young'un, and walking in to meet Paul to be introduced with "this is Gerald. we became friends after he puked on my feet." It was nice to reconnect on both ends, to remind myself of this transitory phase (within a transitory phase) and also to where I want to be in six months, as a motivation.

there's more to say here, and I'll get back to it later; for now I'm going to ogle cameras and create a savings plan to afford one.

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jillian said...

ok, let me add, in my own defense, that was one of my better "foot in mouth" moments, and I immediately regretted it. I apologize, again, for the statement.

However, I had been telling Paul the night before, while we waited for a bus outside teh Lotus, that you were one of the nicest guys I knew, and that I had been lucky enough to be around while you were transitioning from first year to, well, grownup. And that my first interaction with you was auspicious, but grew into many more months of association. And since that was a memorable detail, I hoped it would trigger his memory to the rest of the story - poor guy had to meet a dozen of my friends inside of 24h on Sunday/Monday, after all.

Anyways. Point is. I apologize for stating such things, but am glad it triggered appropriate nostalgia.