October 13, 2006

wrapped up in books

it's weird to realize that impulse-buying novels has become an avoidance mechanism and even stranger to make an effort to stop, but here I go.

the last six books for me to read are queued; three novels, what is apparently the best typography book written in a long time, the second of three photography books from Ansel Adams and then a re-read of Pattern Recognition, for nothing more than the flow of Gibson's sentences.

after that, I intend to move from almost solely consuming back into creation; I'm looking forward to getting my photographer's eye back. Also I find more practice helps my writing get better; both in terms of content and deliverance.

for now, I'm going to go finish Wind Waker and then shelve the Cube for a bit; while I admit to shifting gears rather abruptly, it's no excuse to leave things unfinished.

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