December 24, 2005


Went to Celebrities with the intention to party down, but instead ended up people watching with Al and Neil. Half the people who were coming didn't get in, so Al and I ditched to go back to his place and watch Serenity and play the drinking game. More accurately, we were drinking according to abridged rules, else we get wasted on rules designed for a 40-minute show. Specifically: Drink when Chinese is spoken. Drink when Mal is chivalrous. Drink when powers are used for evil. Drink when people get punched. Discovered that someone had drank the Jack I'd left at Kerrisdale Alpha in preparation for the party I didn't make it to.
Was distracted by Tanqueray and raspberry ginger ale in conjunction with the AlMac on which we were watching Serenity (which was pretty cool and means I'll probably throw Firefly on the iPod next.)

Slept in.
Went to work.
Ran into Vanessa on the 135, which negated any concerns I had about being late. Read book Neil gave me on music writing. Worked and drank gatorade, would have been skull-crushingly bored if not for the other people there, which pretty much sums up work at the PNE.

More PNE. Mom gave me a ride into Vancouver on her way to physio, so I got dropped off at 29th Ave station at 7:twentysomething AM, and on a #16 shortly thereafter. Had coffee at nondescript place on Hastings and Nanaimo. Had London Fog at Starbucks while waiting for Asian bakeries to open so I can get some egg tarts and other baked goods for work munching. No egg tarts within timeframe, so I trudge to work and, well, work.
Someone decides that they need to do a Starbucks run, and in a moment of confusion, I order another London Fog instead of something caffeinated to keep me awake. Said drink bites me in the ass again when it gets knocked over and onto the E4's - momentary panic and disassembly later, things are fine.
Later the same day, we get pulled aside individually as to extend contracts, which is when I mention that I won't be renewing mine, and that while it's been fun and the people are great, I think it's time to move on. And so I will. My last shift is the 30th, at which point I'll hand over the key, ID, and uniform, and go down to two jobs for the first time since... September 2004.
On way home, buy coat. You'll probably all see it soonish, as it's warm and less formal than the calf-length one.

spend day at home, with exception of errands with mother.
I now own a wafflemaker.

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