July 29, 2003

microentries: 1 of many.


dinner at payne's was fun, car ride home wasn't.

"do you want a ride home?"
"do I have a choice in the matter?"


welcome to blogging, naf.


psycholology undergraduate advisor = suck.
"go to room 2527 for drop in appointments."
get to room 2527, there's nobody there.


stupid rechargeable battery.
if I'm editing on the MD (dividing tracks, shortening tracks, adding names, etc), and the battery dies (usually I have it plugged in while editing, but I didn't because the battery meter was at 3/4ths), then I've effectively wiped an MD. this is what happened last night.
luckily, it was only the gaudy-ass mix disc (the disc is gaudy, the music is mixed), but it's still annoying.


writing cover letters is a pain in the ass.


note to V: who won the pool?


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