August 03, 2003

1:15 am, August 2.

not having internet at home blows.
as such, I've started writing them out and saving them for later.

here goes:
every now and then, someone does something stupid. stupid beyond the normal bonds of idiocy. such incidents include swearing at Graham's mom, or demands so incredibly presumptuous it make's your head spin.
I got one two days ago.

my dad sat me down and made up some crap about me having changed (fuck, obviously. if you want constancy over time, get a goddamned statue) and launched into a spiel about how his time on the temple committee some time ago had screwed him over by distracting him from getting his business done. therefore, the AUS distracts me from class.
first problem: I don't skip class for AUS stuff - I skip class because it's incredibly boring. Or was, anyway. Next year looks all sorts of awesome.
second problem: *you* can't manage your time. I am not you. bad assumption to make.

said distractions led to drop in grades
problem: grades dropped because I didn't go to class, and largely because I was burned out.
also business about last year, when I ran the yearbook, which brought down my grades, made me incredibly moody and unhappy around the house, and robbed me of scholarships.
it brought my grades up (really, I've got report cards that prove it), allowed me an outlet for previously untapped talent, and let me mock everyone else in the school. Oh, and the moodiness? Try being 17 and sleeping on the couch daily
but I digress. this ended in him demanding that I resign and walk away from AUS business, as well as the Fair.

I flatly refused.

You (seeing as most anyone who reads this is either an AUSer, or fulfills below requirements) made first year bearable. I didn't want to go straight to school - I wanted to take a year off and travel. Since my brother had said the same and has yet to return to school, I got pushed into somewhere I didn't want to be, took courses to fulfill a career path that wasn't one of my choosing, and got ready to hunker down and despair.
Then I got a copy of the Source, decided that maybe this wasn't all bad, and walked into a bunch of random, random experience.

  • Slurpees and Push and NERD ALERT
  • Word of the Day, Go Fish tournaments, and Drunken Drunken Hippos
  • "well, shit" and beer o' clock and Sea-to-Sky

that's not even touching the work.

had you asked me in september to run a stage, make billboards, create a phrase for the office to use as well as an absurd nickname for graham, find velvet ropes, and set up beer gardens, I would've asked for some of whatever it was you were on. But I did it all, and to walk away from another four years of this(although I don't think an office phrase or a nickname will pop up quite so easily) is something I won't do.

in short: I <3 you all.

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