August 03, 2003

1:45 am, August 2.

Meeting/party was fun.

did the usual party thing, but didn't drink. went through 2.5 pitchers of iced tea, instead (thanks, payne!). had a shot of raspberry vodka (cough syrup + burning)

had a number of interesting conversations - notably with Vanessa, Jayme, and Eaton.

first: props to V - she's an excellent listener. and very attractive.
second: Jayme seems back to normal. I miss having a backyard in which to stare at the sky. Saw two shooting stars, though.
third: worried about Eaton. We had an actual, normal chat in which he didn't threaten me. THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN, PEOPLE. unfortunately, I don't know him well enough to nudge him into talking about whatever's bothering him, so I'll fret from a safe distance and wait for the days of incredibly witty death forecasts to return.

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