August 28, 2003

08.27.2003, 10:03pm

today didn't suck.
there were no ridiculous arguments, no "where-are-you" messages, and maybe the silly jungle creatures on my wall aren't that bad.
okay, scratch the last one.
now, for long-postponed updates:
peer advising is mad fun.
if you're helping someone, then there's the whole fuzzy-happy-helpful feeling of making someone else's life easier.
if not, you're chatting with the other people, or on MSN.
win/win/win. I'd love to work there.
parking is 60% standing around, 25% chatting (either with "guests" or other parkers) and 15% waving arms.
not bad, but I'd much rather do something.

whatever. parking is still better than some of the other PNE jobs, like sweeping (exclusive domain of 15-year olds for whom this is a first job), concessions (no explanation needed) or lottery tickets ("win a house! win a car!" x 8 hours = yowza)
got my radiohead ticket.
the guy who sold me mine did so at a loss.

53.50USD x 1.39965 CAD/1USD = $74.88 CAD.
paige is back.
she has been since saturday, but I hadn't made it out to campus until today.
am somewhere between relieved and excited (paige returning = radiohead and school starting)
first time I've actually been excited for school to start.
classes aren't going to suck (THTR 150, LING 100), the AUSgang, and the slowly increasing likelihood of a campus job, things are looking up. finally.
waterproof khakis are awesome.
and only $40!
no longer allergic to grass.
melons will be tested shortly.
really odd to write after such a long hiatus. feel sort of guilty for neglecting the blog, and my writing's not where it used to be.

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