August 06, 2003

microentries, cont'd...

spoke to paige for an hour last night, including a small three-way call to Vanessa.
as well as flat-rate long distance, telus seems to have tossed 3-way calls into our phone plan, which means we can all talk to paige!

made things inexorably better, knowing that she wasn't as down as her posts would have me believe.


am dropping VISA 180, for as yet undecided course.
I don't know if I can swing moving out yet, and the course sounds extremely time-consuming.
this wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't losing most of a day every week to commuting. (2hours/way x 2 ways x 5 days/week = 20 hours)
but I am going to be (temporarily, I hope), and I can always take it later. I do need something to replace it now.


got a phone call: they want me for AMS Street Team interviews on monday

this means I need to:
- get a haircut
- figure out what the hell I'm going to do to fill up my three minutes of "wow-the-interviewer-time"
- possibly make a billboard, courtesy of graham-taught skills.


hindu suits as curtains got me an extra two hours of sleep.
my mother mentioned that they'd probably fade in funny patterns, and that she might just sew some for me.

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