July 09, 2003

had the weirdest dream last night:

I'm lying in bed (can't remember if I'm reading or if I'm going to bed), and my dad walks in, tosses a manila envelope onto my chest, says "this came for you" and then walks out.
I sit up in bed, open up the top... and my alarm clock went off.

I know it's not straight deja vu - when I get those, it's more like three seconds taken out of context, often a scene that I don't recognize, but will be in (at?) in the near future. I got a fair bit of those for AUS activities - the first few poster parties, and the time when I broke into chem with Eaton, and then went back with Spencer, Geoff England and an F-Master were ones that stick with me.

on the grand old scale of weird, it's not a huge deal, but something about it is on my mind, causing me to be writing this in the C-Block Mac Lab, and not be in my chem class.

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