November 26, 2004

if it feels like it works, then it works.

I broke these up into two posts so you guys could comment on things that didn't involve the wishlist thing.

GWAR was fantastic.
I'm glad Gavin came, because it's always fun to have company, and the AMS meeting looked soul-crushing. And there's a phone interview soon!!

Wednesday was also a day of adventuring; I ended up hanging out with Spencer, while he attempted to get some stuff from the City Archives and then went shopping.
The best part about shopping with Spencer is that I don't have to pull punches; I can call him a douchebag, or whatever else comes to mind, (usually due to a particular clothing item more than actual faults with him) in public and not worry. It's freeing, and sort of fun to watch the poor salespeople try to convince him otherwise. Coming in a close second are his surprisingly concise fashion tips, like "The entire purpose of pants is to make your ass look fantastic."

I had to make a separate trip downtown after work, just before nine, to make an emergency buying of white t-shirts because I'd forgotten to do that on my first trip. Luckily, the Bay was still open, and due to the diligent efforts of one of their retail monkeys, I was able to pick up a reasonably priced shirt in time for GWAR.

GWAR was, as mentioned before, a fantastic show; I won't go into specifics because it'll be in my Discorder review, which I might put up later.

Got home from GWAR, showered, and collapsed in bed.

Thursday, I did a psych experiment. I almost fell asleep during it; whether it was due to the subject material or because I was that tired is beyond me. Then I gave a tour. It went reasonably well; about 2/3rds of the group showed up, which was more than we were expecting. After that, it was working time in the Buchanan B-Labs for a couple hours, before doing a little leadership training back in Recruitment. I picked up some useful tour stuff, and it was good to see the people I hadn't seen since the first day of training way back when.

Today's been another work/school/work day; I gave a school group tour today where we ran into B. Sull, and when he rushed through the crowd, I explained who he was, at which point he stopped, realized it was a tour, mentioned that they were in good hands because I was one of the campus' student leaders, and then rushed into the department of Asian Studies' Office (we were in the Asian Centre).

I don't think he knows who I am.

After that, I told the Asian Centre story (ask me sometime, it's bizarre), and continued on the tour, which ran smoothly after that point. Except that the kids stopped paying attention after we looked into a classroom in Angus (3/4ths point), which made the parts about the SUB (and the ones I feel most relevant to new students, because it's about clubs and services and getting involved in the community) sort of pointless.

I've been in the Buchanan B-Labs since 1, and at 4 I'll head over to the makeshift lab in BuTo to supervise the 15 iBooks corraled in the little fishbowl to make sure that nobody defaces the pristine, snowy machines.

I really, really want one.

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