November 21, 2004

...I'll open source you!!

part of an MSN conversation I had earlier today:

graham :: help me... have been sucked into skinning Windows
gerald // !: help me... went to the mozilla browser launch party last night

although the majority of my night was spent at the MozParty, it started at Zulu, where I picked up a used copy of the Travis singles disc, which was an entirely unnecessary purchase, but one that provided valuable consolation because they'd sold out of arcade fire tickets and wouldn't have more until monday. From there, I went to the Candy Aisle and bought Penguin Mints, which aren't all that great, but now I totally want to build a headphone amp in the tin over the winter break. After that, it was a walk to the Chinese restaurant next to the Ridge Bowling Lanes, where I had dinner with Rob, Lana, and Jay Garcia, whose birthday it was. Jordie and Kat came by a little later. And then we bowled. Five-pin isn't all that fun, but between the handles, the Big Lebowski references, and the 10th Frame Wackiness, it was a good time. From there, Rob Jordie and I headed out to Stamps Landing (right next to Monk McQueens) and the rest of the party headed off to Brandi's.

You read that right. I chose open source browser release party over strippers.

The party itself wasn't hugely exciting; take about twenty geeks, add three Macs (one 17" PB, one 15" PB, and a 14" iBook) and throw in a healthy portion of geek nostalgia ("hey, anyone remember Heretic?") and you've pretty much got the party.

The organizer didn't show up, so there was no swag. We were sad.

Get Firefox!

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