October 13, 2004

for the boingites:

I realise that the first (now second) thing you see when you click through isn't terribly interesting, and there's really not much for me to do about it - I am a university student with three jobs and sometimes, I just lack the energy to write something exciting.

There is some decent stuff, though, so I'll cobble together a few links from the archives because I know you're jonesing to waste time if you're clicking through random submitter links of BoingBoing.

but, yeah, here's some stuff:

but, yes, for the most part, it's ultra-typical pap (whee! I used pap in a sentence), so have fun with it.

for the usual gang:
go here. Brie's now an internet celebrity, and since I submitted the story, people appear to be dropping in here, too.

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