October 14, 2004

purchasing! on! whims!

bought, although I really should'nt've, Matador's 15th anniversary compilation yesterday. It was a huge impulse buy, and although there was some buyer's remorse, it vanished the moment I popped the plastic wrapper off and dove in. It's a 2 CD and one DVD set, composed of 1 disc of greatest hits from the last five years, 1 of unreleased/rare material, and one DVD of videos I haven't had the chance to watch yet. The whole thing came to $22.88 after taxes, a rarity for a single CD from Zulu, let alone a 3-disc extravaganza.
Matador, in case you didn't know, is home to artists such as Interpol, Spoon, Pavement, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Yo La Tengo, The New Pornographers and various others, and the greatest hits CD serves as an introduction to the artists which one may not be familiar with while remaining anchored by familiar songs. Unless, of course, you know the entire stable, in which case I tip my hat to you. The rarities disc is similar but not the same; the artists are familiar while the songs are not, and sometimes both confuse the pants off of you. I found myself digging out the CD player, looking at the track number, then seeing who the artist was on the CD case in a lot of cases, with songs from The New Pornographers, Interpol, and AC Newman being the only ones I recognized off the bat.

Whatever. They're both really good.

I've been listening to the first disc more than the second since I bought it, partially because I've been introduced to a lot of artists I'd only heard of in passing and find myself liking, and also because Cornelius' Drops is incredibly addictive.

more later; must study.

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