October 15, 2004

design by democracy.

choose one:

typical emo anatomical heart, with pistons coming out of the three arteries that come off the aorta and go to the head (and arms, I think; been too long since I've done anatomy). both pulmonary arteries have sparkplugs coming out of them, and the superior vena cava is accepting a stream of cogs. there might be an exhaust pipe leading from where the inferior vena cava should be; haven't decided yet. caption on back between shoulderblades: "I need tungsten to live"


typical emo heart again; this time, it's wearing headphones (eggos, even) covering both pulmonary arteries, with little notes coming out the ascending arteries (come to think of it, it's the carotid and then both subclavians that pop out the top of the aorta; Patricia, let me know either way) and maybe a stream of little CDs flowing into the superior vena cava. caption on back: "Do I listen to pop music because I'm miserable or am I miserable because listen to pop music?"

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