August 27, 2004

steps of t-shirt creation.

Neil asked me to detail how I made shirts, so here's a rough guide, without all the work I do in between.

  1. Find source image for shirt. For the example shirt, I used this picture of a Lion Rampant.
  2. Using Photoshop/Fireworks (whatever you have), transform image into one that is easily made into a stencil. Here's what I had after I finished with the earlier picture.
  3. print image onto paper side of freezer paper
  4. cut out stencil, using exacto.
  5. iron shirt
  6. iron down stencil onto shirt.
  7. paint.
  8. dry.
  9. remove stencil
  10. iron paint to set it
  11. enjoy.

[edit @ 12:29PM: images are down; will resize and let you know when they're back up.]
[edit 2 @ 8:20 PM: images are back up.]

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