August 14, 2004

dear my subconscious: whatthefuck?!

(I'm on the PC to check the directions to the airshow, to which my parents have won a ticket and are just leaving for...)

I had a dream that was epic like a miniseries; in two hours*, we'd established that I was an exchange student in a Midwestern hamlet, doing a lot of drugs to fit in, and that my love interest had been kidnapped.
I figure the rest of the slacker teens (composed, weirdly enough, of PNE people I've helped in the last few shifts) would band together, led by me, overthrow whatever evil conspiracy threatened us all, and gain respect from the adults or something equally as predictable and syrupy.

Mostly, though, I'm wondering: why me?

*alarm went off, turned it off and went back to sleep, dream started, woke up 2 hours later.

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