August 04, 2004


my blog is usually the first thing I check when I have nothing better to do, so having this list up here will remind me that I do have things to do and that I should go do them.

    Things to Do:
  • learn XHTML/Dreamweaver MX
  • take more photos
  • find job #2, maybe one for school year
  • figure out finances, specifically:
    • Franz Ferdinand?
    • new CF card?
    • pants?
  • overhaul site?
  • pressure brother re: website
  • re-set sleeping patterns; get used to <8 hours again.
  • Alarm Clock Mix 2004?
  • time for my own site?

OMQOC: a prime MSN quote: "I just realized Scarlett Johansson was also in Ghost World, thereby increasing her hotness by a factor of dork."

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