August 10, 2004

I'm just a knife, cutting around...

Have been working on new design as of late (see also: new comment text), and so I haven't posted. Apologies.
Council/BBQ was... okay.
Whole thing felt very highschool, especially since the party separated into distinct groups after about an hour. Bits were okay; the Dick Davis/Gavin chest hair battle was amusing, and I had a pleasant chat with Costa, who I hadn't seen in a while.
someone on council may want to move something about stupid comments (be it resolved that any comment during a meeting which causes more than 50% of council to sigh or roll their eyes will result in a smack upside the head by the councillor closest to the offender.) because you're going to end up with a lot of it otherwise.
ps: that motion would require 2/3rds because it'd be policy.

Ditched at about 11, and went to Graham's with the Karl. I had a lot more fun there, because it just felt more like a party. Dunno how else to put it, but the music didn't suck (and was suitably loud, but not too loud.) met a lot of cool people, and it was cool to see people I rarely see again. Swapped 19th birthday stories with Graham's roommate, Matt ("you remember your 19th birthday?" "yeah. it was four months ago." "doesn't that mean it was during exams?" "yeah, I wrote one hung over." "AWESOME.") and had a variety of interesting discussions with cute foreign girls (who were impressed that I was drinking Kilkenny. hot. ) also had a lot of fun with Vanessa ("so, how do you guys know each other?" "she's my boss.") it was good times all around. Got picked up at about 1, was mildly relieved at the lack of kegs, although I did chug the majority of a 500mL beer, and went home.
Morning/afternoon weren't all that exciting. Slept in, went to the pool, dug through my closet and cleared out some old clothes as well as finding my old SLRs. One's a Pentax K1000, which has a serious ding in the outermost ring of the lens, meaning I can't put any filters on and that putting the lens cap on requires me to pay attention. Furthermore, the ISO has to be set one stop down or the shots underexpose, which blows. The other one's a Mamiya/Sekor 500DTL, which needs a new battery and a serious cleaning. I can't wait to get them both working again and see what shots out.

Later on, I headed down to the fireworks with Brie, Pat, Rob, Jordie, and assorted other people, and the fireworks were fun. I thought Sweden deserved the victory, and so Drew's outrage at China not getting the prize were puzzling. Took the newish SLR down with me and shot two rolls (currently undeveloped; should fix that), which reminds me:
a note: I've been using SLRs for close to five years. I know how they work, which aperture/exposure settings are most appropriate, how to stay still during long-exposure shots (need both hands, but I can do it), and generally, I know what I'm doing. Should you desire to sit next to me and give me advice on how to take every single shot, I will make you dead. Very, very dead.
Aside to Lana: I understand, now.

Post-fireworks, the gang went drinking, and I went and stood in line at Waterfront. I got into the line at 11:30something, and got on a train at 12:32. I spent a solid fucking hour standing in line with a bunch of greasy suburban kids all trying to pick each other up, headphones firmly applied and Ultravisitor providing a sonic buffer against the noise of a thousand teens trying to get into each others pants.
The train ride was no different, unless you count me turning up the volume to account for train noise and a closed space.

Bloody suburbs.
Woke, moped about, killed time.

Headed to Rob's for evening drinking, but had to stop at the cambie liquor store first, because it's the only one in Vancouver open on Sundays. Picked up a six-pack of Harp and a two-six of Mount Gay for Doug, then headed down. Saw Alex for the first time all summer, hung out with Pat, played poker (badly), then mini-movie'd Rob attempting to make a Black and Tan with Guinness Extra Stout and Harp - it didn't layer, but it tasted just fine. I think widgeted beer is required for layering, because the nitrogenation affects the specific gravity/viscosity.
got picked up by dad, even though taking the bus to work from Rob's the next morning would have been easier, and had an uneventful ride home.

work! it's fun, the people are cool, exhibitors are interesting, and I'm getting to know more of the people about the office.

worked on new design.
that was about it.

happy birthday, graham!
you may be old, but at least nobody asks when you're done high school.


Worked on new design.
Picked up plain t-shirts in black, dark green, and navy blue.
Have been working on designs for said shirt.
So far, a The Hipster Theory of Relativity shirt is in the works, and I don't know what else I want...


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