August 19, 2004

the deal with naf's underpants:

just before last christmas, Nanessa and I were brainstorming a gift for Naf. At this time, Naf had full-on co-opted the phrase I'd sort of introduced to the gang, "well, shit."
And so, after some discussion and some laughing, we decided that we'd somehow get the phrase onto a pair of underpants (or several) for Naf.

I was actually planning on making Naf a shirt with an iron lung on the front and a quote from "My Iron Lung" on the back, or underneath, or something. At some point at work, Vanessa expressed difficulty at finding a gift for Naf, and so I thought maybe we could do underpants, because then I wouldn't have to buy them. The plan was that Vanessa would buy the underpants and I would stencil them.

What happened was that Vanessa got stuck in an orientation, and so we weren't able to make it to the mall on time, and so I had to go out and buy the damn things on Wednesday morning.

I realized that I had no idea what size I needed to get Naf, so I ended up having this MSN conversation Wednesday morning:

gerald // home: aleks!
gerald // home: I have the randommest question ever that you would probably know.
gerald // home: and it doesn't have to do with radiohead.
Aleksandra (okay, so South Kiosk is pretty disfunctional...): go for it
gerald // home: what's naf's underpant size?
Aleksandra (okay, so South Kiosk is pretty disfunctional...): ha ha ha ha!!
gerald // home: what?
gerald // home: it's a serious question.

and from there, I was all set to go to Metrotown and have the most hilarious shopping trip ever.
and then my mom discovered her blood sugar was super-low, and I didn't want to leave her alone, so we went to the Zellers in Richmond, where there was a healthy selection and I was bewildered.

so, I turn to my mother, and explain the nature of the gift (without telling her what actually goes on the back), and then ask her to pick some out that were comfortable looking and cotton. and then she did.

also, I picked up a nifty X-Acto kit with a bunch of spare blades and a special cutting mat thing.

got home, cut out the stencil, stencilled, let them dry, packed them up and went off to curry, where they were well-received by everyone including Naf's mom(!).

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