August 28, 2004

in the midst of another binge...

...on music.

this will be one that's drawn out a little more, but will also be substantially larger than the last one.

it's started with a little Bjork; Vespertine, Vespertine Live, Vespertine Outtakes, and her newest, Medulla.

Now, I was expecting Bjork to do something out of left field with this one, because none of her albums are ever really like their predecessors, and where Vespertine had it's electronic textures, Medulla trades it in for people. I was intrigued by the blurb on Amazon, where it was declared to be a "celebration of the human voice" and became sorta puzzled when I read on her website how she recruited 3 world-famous beatboxers (Rahzel, Dokaka, and Shlomo), a Tuvan throat singer, and a pair of choirs.

And what does it sound like?
It's a giant mindfuck, listening to something that doesn't sound at all like anything the vocal chords can produce, and realizing that it's a person. Beyond that, though, I haven't gotten much further with it; it's a dense album and one that takes getting used to. I think I'll like it, though probably not as much as Homogenic.

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