August 22, 2004


  • I'm retiring OMQOCs. Deal with it.
  • If I could point and cause heads to explode, I'd do it. A lot. At work.
  • Lisa from Housing hasn't gotten back to me yet, which is worrying.
  • Interview at Arts ISIT this week; need to call back and schedule tomorrow.
  • It's hard to keep a straight face when senior management comes in and asks for ponchos.
  • While looking for a Lion Rampant to put on a shirt, I found this. It makes me giggle.
  • Finishing the "Don't Panic" shirt tonight; pictures up after the 42 goes on the back.
  • Dunno if I want to do COGS anymore; some of the required courses don't look too hot (MATH 102/104, CPSC 121/122), so I might pull a Britt and do a focus on memory/cognition and reevaluate the whole double major plan.

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